While many websites use "stock photos," these before and after photos are of our own patients treated in our office and photographed by Dr. Sandler and Dr. Lipow

Old amalgam ("silver fillings") can be easily replaced with tooth colored "invisible" bonded composite fillings.


Amalgam fillings
Bonded tooth colored fillings

Crooked and stained two front teeth were restored with all Ceramic Crowns.


After seeing how I improved his wife's smile, this gentleman asked me to also improve his, restoring his front teeth with all Ceramic Crowns.



This gentleman's front four teeth were restored with all Ceramic Crowns.

Procera Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain veneers (laminates) can be bonded to your teeth to change crooked, discolored, dark or mottled teeth to the beautiful smile you always wanted!


Mottled teeth
Porcelain veneers

A young seven year old boy came in with his mother after sustaining a sports injury to his mouth. His teeth were re-positioned and splinted.  Look how healthy his teeth and gums look now. We saved his front tooth! 

Dental emergency treatment
Dental emergency treatment

A women who always hated her unattractive upper partial and it's "ugly metal clasps." She was thrilled when it was replaced with a more aesthetic smile without these clasps.


Upper Partial Bridge with metal clasps
Upper Partial Bridge

This lady was unhappy with her new crowns from another dentist, as they were too gray, and the front tooth too long. After some periodontal (gum) surgery, grafting and two new crowns- what a difference. She was thrilled!

Porcelain metal crown too long
New porcelain crowns

This gentleman came in with severe loss of tooth structure from a severe bruxism habit. We fabricated a "Snap-on Smile" removable appliance so that he was no longer embarrassed when out in public

results of Bruxism
Snap-on Smile


Having lost all her upper teeth from years of poor dentistry and neglect, we fabricated  permanent crowns on dental implants and she was thrilled!

Dental implants for missing teth
Full Upper before dental implants
Dental Implants

This gentleman came to us with all of his upper and lower teeth missing. We fabricated "hybrid" upper and lower fixed permanent restorations on multiple implants and everything felt natural again!

Hybrid Dental Implant prosthesis
Dental Implants for upper and lower missing teeth
Upper fixed dental implant bridge

We replaced this gentleman's missing upper teeth previously restored with an  upper removable partial. Now he has a non-removable fixed implant bridge without those "ugly metal clasps."

Missing upper teeth
Procera Implant Bridge
Blue LIne

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