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More and more people today are realizing that how they look directly influences how others respond to them, both socially and professionally. Others just want to improve their appearance for themselves. Cosmetic Dentistry today has helped many people achieve that "great looking smile", the one that they've always dreamed about. With improved materials and techniques and the use of tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers and other modern techniques, it's even easier to achieve dramatic results.Want to find a Cosmetic Dentist in Commack, Smithtown, or Hauppauge, on Long Island, New York? or find a General Dentist on Long Island? Whether you would like a subtle change to your teeth or a dental smile makeover, we gladly offer a free consultation. A simple dental bonding procedure may be enough to hide that chip in your front tooth, or you may want porcelain veneers or crowns to beautify crooked, stained, broken or discolored teeth. Dental implants can replace lost teeth. Our custom dentures look and feel great! Tooth whitening can give you a dazzling smile! Trying to find the best dentist on Long Island? Speaking as a caring dedicated dentist, serving Suffolk County dental needs for over 30 years, we have two dentists who specialize in dental implants and Cosmetic Dentistry who have earned a reputation as top quality experienced dentists who provide beautiful, healthy teeth that keep our patients smiling.

Tooth Colored Composite Fillings
White fillings, which are made from tooth colored materials called composites, blend well with the natural color of your teeth. They blend in with natural teeth and are usually virtually undetectable. Composites can be used to restore decayed areas of teeth, to replace previous restorations, and also for cosmetic improvements of the smile.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays
Composites were introduced in the 1960's and have undergone continual improvements in durability, color stability, material handling qualities, and aesthetics. The main advantage to composite fillings is the similar appearance to natural teeth. Another advantage is that they require the removal of less of the healthy part of the tooth to hold the filling in place. The composite material bonds to the tooth to support the remaining tooth structure unlike silver or amalgam fillings which do not. This strengthens, rather than weakens the remaining tooth. There is generally less sensitivity to cold and hot foods and liquids, since there is no metal to conduct temperature changes to the nerve.
Another type of material used for tooth-colored fillings is porcelain inlays and onlays. Inlays and onlays are used to restore teeth that are badly damaged by decay or wear. They may be used on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth when tooth colored fillings are desired.

Porcelain Veneers
Inlays and onlays require two visits to your dentist to complete. The porcelain material is made by a dental lab, and then bonded to your teeth in a subsequent visit.Since the placement of porcelain materials require two visits and outside lab services, porcelain inlays and onlays are more expensive than other filling materials, but porcelain is highly resistant to wear.
Porcelain veneers are a rapid, esthetic, and safe way to correct unattractive front teeth. Porcelain veneers can correct for permanent stains, teeth that are crooked, unusually small or peg shaped teeth, teeth that have spaces between them, are structurally damaged or not symmetric or harmonious. Porcelain veneers are thin coverings of ceramic material that can be chemically bonded to tooth structure. Porcelain veneers are one of the primary treatment options usually seen for the popular "extreme makeover" shows and articles. They usually require two visits to complete and make a tremendous and dramatic improvement in your smile with minimum tooth reduction.

Porcelain Crowns
 Porcelain Crowns Compared with Gold and Porcelain/Metal Crowns years ago- Dental crowns usually needed to be made with a metal foundation. Today, we can make them out of pure porcelain, ceramic or esthetic reinforced resins. There are still occasions on the back teeth when the durability of a metal crown makes it the restoration of choice. But for crowns that show, wouldn't you rather have one that looks as natural as possible?

The bonded all porcelain crown is the newest type of crown. All porcelain or all ceramic crowns have the most beautiful appearance. they mimic the appearance of nature to the point where it is difficult to tell that it is not a natural tooth. They take advantage of the new bonding technology, which allows a cosmetic dentist to bond the crown to your tooth so that it acts like it is one piece with your tooth, and is like replacing the original enamel of the tooth.

Using a tooth whitening process can be one of the simplest and least expensive ways to make a substantial cosmetic improvement with a person's smile. Teeth whitening is ideal for people who have healthy, unrestored teeth (no fillings) and gums. Individuals with yellow tones to their teeth respond best. But this cosmetic procedure is not recommended for everyone.

Aesthetic Re-contouring and Smile Enhancement
There are many techniques to whiten teeth including whitening toothpastes, whitening strips and one visit "in office" whitening techniques. We believe, however, that in the majority of cases, the tray based tooth whitening systems offer the safest and most value for your money. A mouth guard-like tray is custom fabricated for your mouth and a whitening gel which contains a peroxide bleaching agent is placed in the tray for a period of time, from a couple hours or preferably overnight. The desired tooth whitening effect is often obtained within just a few days, although it may take up to 4 weeks and occasionally even longer in severe cases of staining and desired level of whitening.
Sometimes, your smile can be improved by simply recontouring or reshaping a few areas on your front teeth. Our patients are often amazed how quickly and simply within a minute or two, their smile has improved. We routinely monitor this with all our patients both on their routine checkup visits and throughout their treatment and offer this service at no additional charge.

Your overall "smile" involves many complex factors, and it takes an experienced and caring cosmetic dentist to be able to evaluate your smile, be aware of all the latest techniques, and be able to accomplish all the changes necessary to obtain that "perfect smile".

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you. A healthy smile can be an indication of a your overall health and happiness, and can have profound implications in social and business settings, while an unattractive smile can be a turn off and effect your self esteem.

Smile Makeovers
 Smile makeovers can involve restoring chipped, cracked or discolored teeth, restoring your bite, and returning muscles to their natural position. A smile makeover often includes a combination of many different types of procedures which may or may not include the use of porcelain veneers, tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges, tooth whitening, gum re-contouring and a whole host of other smile design techniques.

If you are considering a complete smile makeover, or just an improvement in your smile, please contact us today to schedule your initial complimentary consultation.

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