Below are some Blogs on dental topics that we think are informative, interesting  and helpful. If you require further information, please call our office and ask to speak to either Dr. Sandler or Dr. Lipow. Enjoy!


  • Practice Good Hygiene
  • Choose Sugar-Free Cough Drops
  • Swish and Spit After Vomiting
  • Stay Hydrated to Avoid Dry Mouth
  • Choose the Right Fluids

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Beware of sports drinks and flavored waters- 

Numerous studies by researchers have found that prolonged consumption of sports drinks and some flavored waters may be linked to a condition known as erosive tooth wear, in which acids eat away the tooth's smooth hard enamel coating and trickle into the bone-like material underneath, causing the tooth to soften and weaken. The condition affects one in 15 Americans and can result in severe tooth damage and even tooth loss if left untreated.